How to strip a pump

Large STN Polypropylene or ETFE manufactured Mag Drive Pumps

The STN series of pumps have been in production since 2000 and have been an extremely successful product to date.  Produced from either polypropylene or ETFE, they cover the full spectrum of chemicals used in today’s chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries.

ETS Stainless Steel Mag Drive Pump

The ETS magnetic drive pump is a close couple mag drive pump manufactured in stainless steel.  A robust heavy-duty pump suitable for aggressive, toxic and hazardous liquids where high safety standards are essential.

UTN Stainless Steel Close-Coupled Mag Drive pump lined in Polypropylene, PVDF or PFA

The UTN is available is either a close-coupled or a long-coupled option and is lined in either PTFE, Carbon, Ceramic and Silicon Carbide,  our patented lining technology makes them one of the most robust and longest lasting lined mag drive pumps on the market.

Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump available in Polypropylene, PVDF, Acetal, Aluminium or Stainless Steel.

The air operated diaphragm pump is probably the most popular positive displacement pump. Due to the way they work, they are ideal for abrasive and corrosive materials, for viscous and self-priming applications and are capable of handling fluids with solids present making them a great choice for many differing applications.  Durable, low cost, easy to maintain and dead-head capable, air operated diaphragm pumps will not be damaged if they are to be run dry. Pumps can be manufactured in polypropylene, PVDF, Acetal, aluminium and stainless steel with ATEX certified and hygienic options available.

Small STN Moulded Mag Drive pump in Polypropylene or PVDF

The smaller STN 4, 6 and 10 magnetically driven centrifugal pumps are close coupled mag drive units manufactured in polypropylene or PVDF. They feature a very simple, injection-moulded construction reducing the need for maintenance and spare parts.

ETN Stainless Steel Lined Mag Drive Pump available with Polypropylene, PFA or ETFE lining

The ETN-L is a close coupled magnetically driven centrifugal pump constructed with either Polypropylene or ETFE lined wet-end components.  The units were initially designed for tanker loading and unloading applications, and is the product with which we developed the ability for dry running. The pumps are stocked in the UK as ATEX compliant units as standard, covering flows up to 45 m3/hr and heads up to 35 metres.

Pump Cartridge Assembly

Keep your site running with our revolutionary new pump cartridge system.  The cartridge assembly is a pre-assembled rotating element, complete with; impeller, internal magnet, all bearings, bearing support and all gaskets.

Reduces downtime – Due to its integral design, engineers can replace the cartridge in a matter of minutes
Reduces risk – Minimise mis-installation as this comes as a complete unit
Reduces cost – These cartridges are an economical way for keeping spares on the shelf to cover your existing magnetically driven CDR pumps

Polymer Concrete Baseplate

Polymer concrete baseplates are a new addition to the CDR Pumps offering, providing chemical resistance against corrosive liquids and atmospheres, as well as providing an exceptionally flat and mechanically stable baseplate to ensure optimum alignment, exceptional vibration dampening and great thermal stability to ensure your rotating equipment can be aligned to great accuracy and so maximising Mean Time Between Planned Maintenance.  Being a polymer concrete, there is no need for costly and time consuming surface preparation and maintenance due to the chemical resistance characteristics.

CDR Pumps Overview

CDR Pumps are a leading independent pump manufacturer, manufacturing pumps for the chemical and pharmaceutical Industries for more than 50 years. Our range includes mag-drive centrifugal pumps, chemical process pumps, regenerative turbine, self-priming pumps and more recently, with the acquisition of Ashton Pumps Ltd, offer an extensive range of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps for the safe effective handling of toxic and corrosive liquids. We operate from a central European manufacturing facility based in Milan, Italy, supporting our customers across the world. Our very latest lined casing technology puts us on the front foot when customers are looking for a good quality, reliable and affordable pumping solution for the most hazardous liquids.

20th Anniversary Open Day

We would to thank all those who joined us and helped us celebrate this milestone….the cakes were awesome.  We have compiled a little video from photographs of the day and thank you again. 

The past twenty years have been an incredible ride and the whole team are looking forwards to what the next twenty will bring.

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We recently carried out a customer satisfaction survey and 100% of customers who completed it are satisfied with the level of service they have received. 100% of respondents also said they are likely to buy from us again, 76% of respondents have bought from us more than once…

#pumpporn 2017

A video of all our social media #pumpporn images of 2017 which included side channel pumps, the ETS Stainless Steel Mag Drive Pumps, the PT100 Thermocouple, vacuum pumps, TCH water pumps, mechanical seal pumps, AODD’s and so much more…