History of CDR Pumps

We have a vast history which we are proud of and so we’ve decided to give you an overview of some of the key moments we’ve encountered.


ARI Pompe aquired

CDR Pompe e Motori origins are dated before World War II. In the 1950’s Mr Ferdinando Abordi acquired ‘ARI Pompe’, a family business manufacturing agricultural and domestic pumps in Cast Iron.


Niche discovered and filled

CDR Pompe spotted a market niche and began manufacturing pumps made from Stainless steel and exotic Alloy’s for use in Industry and in accordance with International design specification DIN 24256. Further developments led the way to manufacturing vertical chemical process pumps to add to the portfolio.


Material Advancements

CDR Pompe, now a strong supplier into the chemical and pharmaceutical Industries embraced material advancement, manufacturing pumps from plastic materials to provide corrosion resistance.


The death of Mr Ferdinando Abordi

Mr Maurizio Abordi, the young son of Mr Ferdinando Abordi and keen talented Engineer became the Managing Director of CDR Pompe upon the untimely death of his father.


Magnetic Drive Pumps launched

Major milestone in CDR’s history, in the launch of the magnetic drive pump, a new concept eliminating the need for mechanical seals, and so too eliminating emissions.


CDR lands in Britain

CDR Pumps (UK) was formed, the first CDR company outside of Italy, based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire to serve directly, the UK and Irish marketplace, founded by Mr Ashley Fenn who had been working with CDR for many years before.


ISO9001 Achieved

CDR Pompe achieves ISO9001 accreditation.


Lined Plastic pumps released

CDR Pompe develop the first true lined plastic pump and launch the ETN-L pump, designed for tanker unloading duties for toxic and corrosive liquids.


Sub-ISO Magnetic Pumps released

Launch of ETS sub-ISO metallic magnetic drive pump range, smaller than the DIN specification, but compact for many duties found in Industry.


UCL lined mechanical seal pump launched

Launch of UCL lined mechanical seal pump available with Polypropylene, PVDF or PFA lining material, Engineered for heavy Industry with focus on reliability and robustness.


Solids Handling Mag Drive Pumps released

The first magnetically driven centrifugal pumps which has been designed to transfer fluids with particulates is released by CDR Pumps

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