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CDR Pumps have been designing and manufacturing chemical process pumps for in excess of 50 years and entered the Export market in 2012 primarily focusing on the Far East and Pacific countries of Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

CDR Pumps current portfolio includes many advanced materials including Polypropylene lining, ETFE lining and PFA linings, all of which lend themselves particularly well to very arduous aggressive chemicals and extremes of temperature. The ability to provide pump solutions in both magnetic drive and also mechanical seals allow the CDR Pump to be utilised by many Industry sectors including Chemical Process, Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Radioactive and many others.

To complement the range of non-metallic materials, CDR also manufacture pumps from traditional metallic materials including stainless steel and exotic alloys, with both magnetic drive and traditional mechanical seal execution.

All the pumps within the CDR Pump range comply with the ATEX directive, for use in hazardous areas.

Magnetic Drive Pumps

Zero vapour loss

No mechanical seals

Atex Ceritfied

Stainless Steel, Hastelloy C

Polypropylene, PTFE, PVDF
ETFE, PFA linings

Mechanical Seal

Single or double mechanical seals

Open impeller design available
for dirty fluids

Can handle high temperatures

Low NPSH pumps available

Metallic and non-metallic options available

Air Operated Pumps

Seal-less design

Lubrication free non-stall design

Pneumatically driven, no need for electric

Dry running capabilities with an inherent
self-priming design

Metallic and non-metallic options available

CDR’s range of pumps satisfy all the requirements for use across the globe and the paperwork can be supplied to you if required.

Certificate of Conformity

Material Certification

Declaration of Compliance

Witness Testing (if required)

ATEX Certified

To find out more about exporting CDR pumps please call 0044 1933 674777 or

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