Side Channel Pumps

The side-channel pump is a low-flow, high head multi-stage pump having the ability of gas handling and self-priming.  Available with mechanical seal or magnetic drive sealing options.

  • Low NPSH
  • Low Flow
  • High Pressure
  • Gas Entrained Liquids
  • Suction Lift
  • Easy Controllability
  • Low Viscosity
  • Extreme Temperature



The side-channel pump fills the void between a centrifugal pump and a positive displacement pump.  It can come as a mechanically sealed or magnetically driven unit and is constructed of an impeller, side-channel casing and a stage casing.

Side-channel pumps are capable of handling gas entrained liquids with up to 50% inclusion with a temperature range 0f -20° → 120° as standard with modifications capable of increasing the range significantly.   Due to the modular design we can have over 4800 mechanical variants which helps us become extremely flexible to your system requirements.

  • Low NPSH – Can operate with as little as 0.35m
  • Low Flow – Ideally suited to low flow applications, as low as 0.4 m3/hr
  • High Pressure – 8-9x higher pressure can be achieved compared to a centrifugal pump (up to 40 bar)
  • Gas Entrained Liquids – Having gas entrained in a liquid is no problem, our side channel pumps can operate with up to 50% entrained gas
  • Suction Lift – Self-priming suction lift of up to 8.5m
  • Easy Controllability – Due to the steep curves that these pumps operate on we can easily control head and flow
  • Low Viscosity – These pumps can also handle lower viscosity compared to most pumps in the market today
  • Extreme Temperature – As standard, these pumps will operate at between -20° → 120°, with an upgrade we can achieve -60° → 220°


Applications include:

  • Refrigeration
  • Condensate Recovery
  • Ad-Blue Filling
  • Gasoline blending
  • Gas entrained liquid applications
  • Selective catalyst reduction
  • Butane applications
  • Fuel from underground tanks
  • Automotive filling stations


Standard materials can be cast iron, duct iron, bronze, stainless steel and chrome steel.