Dry Running Protection

Digital load monitors

 The digital load monitor is the fastest and most accurate system to protect your pump from the following:

  • Dry running
  • End of curve operation
  • Close valve operation

This device measures true power consumption of 3-phase AC motors and displays consumption as a percentage of a selected power range. The display shows power in units of %kW which represent the percentage of full load power range for the unit.

 As operating conditions on a pump curve change due to dry running, blocked discharge line, closed valves, empty supply tanks etc, the power monitor automatically trips the motor before mechanical damage and failure to the pump occurs . This is proven technology which eliminates pump failure.

Control functions

 Control functions comprise two independent and programmable trip functions:

 Low Power Alarm – for example, to stop a pump in the event of dry-running, and

High Power Alarm – for example, to stop a feeder when blocked.

 The alarm functions activate a single alarm relay which may be used to control the motor being monitored; i.e. to trip a shut-down in the event of either a high or low power alarm.

 May be configured to monitor any size motor either with the internal current transformer for applications up to 8A or with an external CT for applications above 8A.

 Provides consistent sensitivity across the complete motor load range making it ideal for low trip applications where amp meters are ineffective. In addition, the HPL 110 measurement principle allows it to be used on non-sine shaped loads such as Variable Frequency Drives.


Digital Load Monitors by CDR Pumps
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