STN Mag Drive Pump

The STN series of pumps have been in production since 2000, and replaced the TMN-B series of units which were very successful in the marketplace.  These mag drive pumps are manufactured from either Polypropylene or ETFE materials to cover the full spectrum of chemicals used in today’s chemical, pharmaceutical and allied industries.



The STN magnetic drive pump is a heavy weight engineered product, but commercially, very competitive allowing our users a very robust pump, at a very attractive price, resulting in assurances that chemicals are being handled safely and efficiently.

The heavy duty rare earth magnetic coupling allows these pumps to handle SG of 2.0 as standard, bearing material options of PTFE, Graphite, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide and RunSafe™ Silicon Carbide allow these pumps to be handled on a wide diversity of liquids.

They are widely regarded as being very easy to work with from a maintenance and application point of view, and really are the Industry leaders for this type of unit.

Motor powers range from 0.75kw to 5.5kw, and are now available as an ATEX compliant pump also.


Shaft Seal Type:  Magnetic drive
Casing & Impeller Materials:  Polypropylene, CFR-ETFE
Impeller Type: Closed
Execution:  Close-coupled
Flanges: Threaded execution as standard (flanged execution possible)
Max rated pressure @ 20°C: PN 16
Max Fluid Temperature: Polypropylene  0°C/+60°C  ETFE: -10°C/+70°C
Max Flow Rate @ 2900 rpm:  28 m3/h
Max Head @ 2900 rpm: 22 m
Allowable medium viscosity range: 1 cSt – 60 cSt
ATEX Certification:  Available on request

Common applications:

Low Duty Chemical Applications
Wastewater Treatment
Air Treatment
Galvanising Industry

Optional Extras

Prices available on request