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Serving the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Nuclear industries among others

Our core business is the chemical, Pharmaceutical and Nuclear Industries but naturally we also source and stock ‘complimentary’ pumps to meet our customers requirements, our extensive range enables us to give you the most competitive prices and lead times, our team of Engineers will ensure that we do not simply supply pumps, but we engineer your process to make sure that your pump is the right specification for the job, and that you use it to make sure it is as reliable as possible.

Our extensive and comprehensive range of high integrity mechanical seal options, as well as vast experience and profile of magnetic drive pumps allow us to ensure you are provided with the very best technical solution for your applications.


Our pumps come with a great safety track record


Our pumps are suitable for use with a range of chemicals


All pumps manufactured to exacting industry standards

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Please feel free to browse the rest of this site for specific pumps, or alternatively, contact us so that we can discuss your applications to make sure we offer you the very best, safe, effective and reliable pump solution