UTS Magnetic Drive Pump

The UTS series of magnetic drive pumps are the long-coupled version of the UTS-B mag drive pumps. These are the real work horses of the range, designed in accordance with International Chemical process pump standard DIN 24256, and available in either 316L Stainless Steel or Hastelloy materials.




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The UTS magnetically driven centrifugal pumps is currently far outweighing all expectations, with current European sales figures, far outweighing predicted forecasts.

These magnetic drive pumps lend themselves to any heavy duty application, with the ability to add heating and/or cooling jackets, bearing flushes, bearing flush filters, Zirconium Oxide Isolation shells for high temperature applications, all to meet the most arduous of duties used in modern Industry.

The long coupled design allows for electric motor drive from 0.75kw to 90kw motors, and when required can easily be ATEX certified.