UCL Mechanical Seal Pump

The UCL is the newly launched non-metallic lined chemical process pump sealed with mecahnical seals.  The unit is designed to DIN24256 and ISO2858 and available for flows up to 110 m3/hr and 70 metres head.

Available in Polypropylene lined, PVDF lined and PFA lined wet-end materials to safely and efficiently handle the most arduous of chemicals.  Subject to specific duties, can be manufactured with the highly efficient closed impeller design for clean liquids, Open Inpeller for solids laden solutions and recessed type Impeller for slurry applications that are particularly corrosive and require non-metallic contact parts.







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  • Suitable for handling corrosive, aggressive and hazardous liquids (low viscosity, clean or slightly to dirty contaminated) in the chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • The UCL offers a wide range of shaft sealing and the pumps are also equipped with reliable bearing bracket, especially developed to be suitable even under heavy duty service
  • UCL range shares the same hydraulic design with the UTN series (magnetic drive pumps) which have been developed focusing on chemical industry’s requests


3D static image of a UCL Mechanical Seal Pump