Small STN Mag Drive Pump

The small STN series of pumps are available in three sizes, the STN 4, STN 6 and STN 10, manufactured in either Polypropylene or PVDF wet-end materials, from motor power 0.12kw to 0.55kw, available either three phase, single phase or even 110v supply.



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The smaller STN 4, 6 and 10 magnetically driven centrifugal pumps are a close coupled mag drive unit, utilising rare earth magnets designed for the safe effective handling of corrosive and toxic liquors. The magnetic drive pump ensures zero-leakage of hazardous or corrosive liquid to atmosphere, making the units a very safe option for both operators and the environment.

The STN range of pumps have been a core product range from CDR Pumps for 15+ years and is well supported with stock availability.