Pump Controller

Solenoid pump controllers give you precise control over pump speed, run time and quantity of product delivered

These controllers are designed to allow various materials to be batched simultaneously. The microprocessor-controlled batching controllers also run at high fluid pressures, with low flow rates without any downstream regulation.

• Adjustable pump speed (from 10-200 cpm)

• 32 programmable presets for cycle adaptability

• Counts strokes and quantity of fluid being discharged ensuring specific, repeatable amount of fluid

• Manual and remote capability


A copy of the installation manual is available here

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The CycleFlo is a pneumatic pump controller that allows precise control over the amount of product that is delivered by the pump, as well as the pump speed. The CycleFlo achieves this by operating the pump for a preset number of cycles and then halting the pumping cycle. Up to 32 different batch sizes may be programmed into the memory of the CycleFlo for easy delivery of different product volumes.

A batch may be initiated either from the front panel RUN button or via a remote switch. Such a remote switch may be connected to the trigger of a dispensing valve so that the pump only pumps when the operator depresses the valve trigger. Using the remote input, the pumping cycle may also be initiated by some other piece of equipment such as a timer or a pH controller. The CycleFlo will halt the pumping cycle once the preset volume of product has been dispensed.

The CycleFlo also features an adjustable pumping rate. This allows the CycleFlo to be used with different pump types and also to tailor the pump cycle to deliver fluids with a variety of flow characteristics.