Polymer Concrete Baseplates

Polymer concrete baseplates are a new addition to the CDR Pumps offering, providing chemical resistance against corrosive liquids and atmospheres, as well as providing an exceptionally flat and mechanically stable baseplate to ensure optimum alignment, exceptional vibration dampening and great thermal stability to ensure your rotating equipment can be aligned to great accuracy and so maximising MTBPM (Mean Time Between Planned Maintenance)



Being a polymer concrete, there is no need for costly and time consuming surface preparation and maintenance due to the chemical resistance characteristics.

Key features:

Corrosion resistant – eliminates maintenance and upkeep.

Integrated Drip pan – provides additional containment with drain connection.

Stainless steel inserts – provide corrosion resistance, can be upgraded to Hastelloy C™ or Titanium.

Leveling holes – speeds instillation with threaded holes as standard.

Flat surface to 0.002″/ft – speeds alignment and eliminated soft foot for a speedy reliable installation.

Grout hole – for firmly grouting for a long reliable installation.


BiD adjusters – Bi-Directional adjusters give forward and back, left and right adjustment for ease of alignment, available in 4 standard sizes to cover all applications and with bolts in AISI 316

PoxyBlock kits – pre-engineered mounting kits allow height adjustment of either pump and/or motor in same material as baseplate, supplied with AISI 316 hardware as standard.

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