CCL Mechanical Seal Pump

The latest addition to our range of mech seal pumps is the CCL Mechanically Sealed Single Stage Centrifugal Pump which is lined in polypropylene and features a back pull-out design and is available close-coupled or long-coupled design.



The main features and advantages of CCL / CCL‐B pump series include:

      Heavy duty design, thanks to PP lined casing and impeller PP lined SS shaft sleeve
      Bearing support and shaft with same technical characteristics of UCL series, designed for heavy duty
      services and with secondary shaft, to fix from inside impeller metallic core to shaft
      Commercial mechanical seals, 2N style, single and double tandem execution; 10T style, single external execution.
      CDR single mechanical seal CSE type, specifically designed for dirty fluids
      Execution with semi open radial impeller, specifically designed for dirty fluids
      Compliance to ISO5199



    3D drawing of CCL Mechanical Seal Centrifugal Pump